Electric bicycle Horza Teleport SD-1500

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The Horza Teleport SD e-bike is a two-suspension e-bike equipped with a 1500 W motor, a 48V 24Ah high-capacity battery, as well as good equipment. Thus, this bike is positioned by us as a mountain e-bike, with a well-functioning suspension, a powerful engine, a sturdy frame for cross-country riding in a cross-country style. The bike is completely made in Russia: welding of the frame, welding / assembly of batteries, final assembly / adjustment of the electric bike.

Let's take a look at all its components for mechanics in as much detail as possible:

  • fork - Suntour XCR Boost AIR, air, fork travel 120 mm, rebound speed adjustable, as well as fork blocking. The fork is originally designed for XC riding style. The wheel in the fork is held on the 15mm axle, which ensures the most reliable fastening of the wheel in the fork;
  • wheels - assembled on the basis of double aluminum rims with 36 spokes. Huge 27.5x2.8 Hutchinson Toro Koloss tires with reinforced Kevlar cord and Spidertech anti-puncture layer;
  • XOD E-300 hydraulic disc brakes specially designed for electric bicycles on the basis of 180 mm discs guarantee confident braking;
  • shock absorber - Suntour RAIDON with blocking, air. You can fine-tune its work to suit your weight, thus providing yourself with perfect smoothing of irregularities;
  • robust structural steel frame. All wiring is hidden in it, as well as cables and hydraulic lines, which gives a beautiful look to the bike;
  • all bicycle assemblies on industrial bearings - steering column, carriage, bushings, pendulum, motor;
  • despite the fact that the bike is a powerful electric bike, and riding on it means mainly riding a motor, there is a transmission here, a Shimano Acera 7 speeds. On it, you can comfortably use the bike for its original purpose. However, for more comfortable pedaling, the bike also has a PAS sensor - 5 levels;
  • soft, comfortable saddle.

Now let's take a look at the electrical stuffing:

  • direct drive 1500 W motor that provides good traction uphill and speeds up to 60 km / h;
  • high-quality 48v 24Ah battery based on Li-NMC Panasonic Tesla 21700 cells. They provide a long service life and work up to -10 degrees;
  • sinus controller, thanks to which the bike works almost completely without sound, which will allow you to enjoy nature;
  • very informative color display with backlight - current speed, average speed, maximum speed, battery charge, voltmeter, wattmeter, thermometer, engine diagnostics, power mode, the display shows all this information;
  • USB socket for charging gadgets is available;
  • despite the power, the assistant (assistant when pedaling) in this electric bike is and has as many as FIVE levels of assistance;
  • cruise control - we pick up speed, for example 40 km / h, press the button and, behold, Horza Teleport already fixes this speed and tries to maintain it all the way;
  • recuperation - it is there, it helps to brake and it is able to charge up to 10% of your battery during frequent braking and downhill descents. The pads will last longer on the main brakes.
  • The most important point is that with all the parameters described above, the weight of the bike is only 32 kg! This weight is very low for a bike of this level of performance, perhaps we can safely say - it is one of the best in its weight category.

The mileage of an electric bike , depending on the capacity of the battery , is:

Battery Capacity: 28.8 Ah (2073 Wh)
Without the help of pedals at a speed of 20 km/h ~80 km
Without the help of pedals at a speed of 40 km/h: ~50 km
Using pedals at a speed of 20 km/h: ~120 km

* The table shows approximate values for a 30 kg bike with a 70 kg pilot, obtained empirically.

The Horza Teleport SD-1500 is a logical continuation of our popular Horza Stels Adrenalin D-1500 electric bike. That is, for those who want Adrenalin with a suspension, then this electric bike is an excellent alternative to it.

The Horza Teleport SD-1500 electric bike is suitable for use everywhere without exception - outside the city in the countryside, in the city and even in the mountains, in the south, as it has enough power. Well, if the mountains are too strong, then turn the pedals a little and you will 100% overcome any rise.

Wheels, inches
27.5 х 2.8
48 v
Battery capacity, Ah
Battery capacity, Wh
1152 Wh
Maximum speed from throttle stick
30-35 mph
Maximum mileage from throttle stick at 15 mph
72 mile
Rated power
1500 W
Peak power
2000 W
Engine type
direct drive
sine, 40 A
Battery charging time
5-6 h
Suntour XCR BOOST AIR, 34
Suntour RS17 RAIDON LO
Shimano MT200
Front speed switch
Shimano Acera RD-M360 SGS
Number of Bicycle speeds
Display availability
Assistant mode
Moped mode
Cruise control mode
Frame material
Frame type
Hutchinson Toro Koloss 2.8
Maximum load
100 kg