Electric bicycles

"Powerful electric bicycles" include electric bicycles with an engine power of more than 1500 watts. It is with this power that you will begin to feel the initial dynamics, drive and the first emotions from the management.

Powerful electric bicycles by category:

  • The initial level – these electric bicycles will reach speeds of up to 55-60 km / h, will have a full suspension, sufficiently capacious batteries. The Power Is not Higher Than 2500W. Battery voltage 48 V or 60 V. They can be equipped with huge batteries to realize a very large mileage. Do you want to drive 300 km? Easy!
  • Average level or optimal. Such electric bicycles are for those who want to get an excellent, high-speed, powerful electric bike, and he does not need speeds above 80 km / h. Such an electric bike has a power of 3000 or 4000 watts, has a confident maximum speed of 70-75 km / h, has a chic acceleration and configuration. Large batteries for every taste.
  • Very powerful, high-speed. Very powerful electric bicycles are placed in this category. Their power ranges from 6000, 8000, 10000 watts and above. There is no limit to the limitations. They are related to bicycles only by the presence of pedals, in fact they are full-fledged small-cubic motorcycles. The maximum speed starts from 85, 90, 100 km/h? Nonsense! Of course, in such models there are always huge batteries and a lot of mileage in stock.
  • What is the advantage of a powerful electric bike over an electric scooter?

The answer is simple:

  • in any case, the weight of an electric bike will be at least twice lower than any 50 cc scooter, which means that it can be dragged home;
  • it is silent and does not stink;
  • the maintenance of even a powerful bicycle remains at the level of an ordinary bicycle;
  • the battery life of a powerful electric bike is 4-5 years or 800-1500 cycles (depends on the model), the cost of the battery and the almost complete absence of IT completely outweighs the cost of gasoline with a similar mileage; the
  • availability of components;
  • and in the end, no matter how powerful it is, it remains a bicycle with pedals, with all the advantages that follow from this.
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