Powerful e-bike Horza E-BOOSTER Simple

188,000 руб.

The entrance to the world of powerful electric bikes

Powerful e-bike Horza E-BOOSTER simple-opens access to the world of powerful e-bikes. Thanks to a wide choice of complete sets you can pick up the necessary characteristics of a Bicycle directly under Your tasks.

First You should decide on the power of the engine:

  • Engine 1500 W with peak power 2000 W-has good traction in the hills, a maximum speed of 55 km / h;
  • Engine 3000 W with a peak power of 5000 W - has a chic traction in the hills, excellent acceleration and a top speed of 75 km / h

Next, you should determine the capacity of the battery. When driving only on the throttle stick at a speed of 25 km / h you will get the following results: 

  • Panasonic 48V 16 ah -65 km;
  • Panasonic 48V 32 ah -130 km;
  • Panasonic 72V 28.8 ah -180 km

Well, then you should choose the level of suspension:

  • basic-spring-oil fork + simple air shock absorber
  • the top of the air-oil fork + air-oil shock absorber

The overall package of the bike consists of durable wheels based on 24 double rims. The bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes with 180 discs in the 1500W model and 203mm discs in the 3000W model. Soft, comfortable saddle with handle.

When ordering You can also order:

  • installation of full-bodied wings;
  • choose options wheel cross or slick;
  • motorcycle saddle;
  • headlights and USB, GPS
  • many variations of configurations. Horza E-BOOSTER simple is the official Russian version of the popular in Ukraine e-bike Enduro Stayer with its small technical changes.

Our model is equipped with quality Panasonic batteries. Hydraulic brake. Air rear shock absorber. The older version is offered with a much more capacious battery than the original.

Wheels, inches
Maximum speed from throttle stick
37 mph, 45 mph
Maximum mileage from throttle stick at 15 mph
42 mile, 84 mile, 125 mile
Rated power
1500 W, 3000 W
Peak power
2000 W, 5000 W
Engine type
direct drive
sine, 45 A , 70 A
Battery charging time
5-6 h
oil Zoom 680DH, air-oil DNM USD 8-S
air Suntour, air-oil DNM RCP-2/3
hydraulics + recovery
Front speed switch
Shimano tourney
Number of Bicycle speeds
Display availability
Assistant mode
Moped mode
Cruise control mode
Frame material
Frame type
Maximum load
120 kg