Electric tricycle Horza Stels Trike 26-T1

80,000 руб.

What distinguishes it from other tricycles? The power and mileage. The workhorse should work confidently and for a long time!

Electric bike Trike tricycle Horza Stels 26-T1 this is a high-quality, powerful, lightweight, high-mileage tricycle electric 100% Russian Assembly.

The model 26-T1 differs from the model 24-T1 with large 26 wheels, a stronger frame, a more comfortable fit, but also with larger dimensions (longer by 20 cm).

Features of our tricycle electric bike:

  • the high power of the motor-wheel in 1500 W allows the e-bike to easily call in quite steep hills, carry heavy loads;
  • reliable motor type direct drive, break it very hard, it is much preferable to gear motors on tricycles;
  • absolute quiet operation due to the sine controller;
  • we offer two options to choose from sufficiently capacious lithium batteries: Korean LG 48 V 16 ah or Chinese DLG 48 V 18 ah;
  • due to the light aluminum frame, light battery weight tricycle no more than 40 kg!;
  • low frame, which greatly facilitates the landing on the bike for the elderly;
  • excellent brakes-v-brake, roller + electric brake-give confidence in braking;
  • rear basket transformer, which, if necessary, folds, which allows you to transfer the overall loads;
  • informative display with additional features. We do not know why Chinese manufacturers do not put them, but our opinion-cruise control, engine power adjustment and all the information about the electric bike displayed on the display-it is very necessary and useful functions;
  • USB output for charging your phone, wireless music speakers and other gadgets is a modern and useful feature of a good e-bike;
  • As an option, we can supply evil wheels (to the detriment of the wings) for higher cross-country, front hydraulic brakes.

HORZA Stels Trike is a chic three-wheeled electric bike for the countryside, for the country, for the village, for our parents-grandparents, for people with disabilities.

A trip to the store, transportation of small goods, or just for a fun time spending on it.

We do not exclude its use for children, as the power and speed can be easily limited, which will protect Your child.

We also offer a simplified model of this electric bike based on 350W geared motor-wheel. If on Your way a little roller coaster and you do not need huge runs, then this simple modification is for you!

Runs on batteries only from the throttle stick at 20 km / h:

  • DLG 36V 9ach-up to 25 km;
  • LG 48V 16ach-up to 70 km;

The maximum speed of the electric bike depending on the weight of the biker and the oncoming air flow:

  • with an engine of 350 watts up to 25 km/h;
  • with 1000W engine up to 35 km / h

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Attention! Headlight front and rear light is not included in the basic package!

Wheels, inches
Maximum speed from throttle stick
15 mph, 20 mph
Maximum mileage from throttle stick at 15 mph
15 mile, 35 mile
Rated power
350 W, 1000 W
Peak power
650 W, 1500 W
Engine type
direct drive
sine, 20 A, 40A
Battery charging time
5-6 h
v-brake + recovery
Front speed switch
Number of Bicycle speeds
Display availability
Assistant mode
Moped mode
Cruise control mode
Frame material
aluminum alloy
Frame type
Maximum load
160 kg
196 x 114 x 80 cm
The bike already has
wings, basket, trunk